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Ben Muncy & Nancy Shope set grades for the foundation of the new Dendron Museum.

Foundation materials delivered.

Wade & Ben Muncy lay a foundation corner of the museum.

First row of foundation in place.

Ben Muncy & Marvin Stewart begin floor framing.

Framing floor deck.

Floor deck in place.

Walls being framed. Marvin Stewart & Ben Muncy

Three sides framed.

Walls framed and corners being braced.

First truss in place.

Last truss being put in place.

Installing the rest of the roof framing.

Ben Muncy installing the roof sheathing.

Roof covered with roofing paper.

Roofing Crew.

Roofing crew after finishing a side. Thomas Huber, Bill Richardson, Dave Pittman, Paul Richardson, Jack Huber & Ben Muncy. Not Shown Wally Faison.

Museum roof complete, walls protected from the weather and windows installed.

Flooring from Odd Fellows Hall to be used in museum donated by Charles Cook.

Flooring unloaded at museum.

Porch, siding and doors installed.

Forms for sidewalk in place.

Sidewalk constructed.

This walk will be brick.

Bill Richardson, Gilbert Brittle and Red Hewitt cleaning floor.

Beginning the floor laying job.

Floor installation crew Ben Muncy and Bill Richardson.

Floor most of the way across.





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