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A Taste of Dendron
. . . Cooking with Memories


This delightful cookbook will take you down memory lane to another time and place. In addition to great recipes, there are fascinating memories, some local history, a touch of genealogy, and some artwork by local artists. What binds this book together is a deep affection for a little town named Dendron located in Surry County, Virginia.

This book of almost 400 pages includes a short history of the Town of Dendron and how the Surry Lumber Company and the Surry, Sussex and Southampton Railway influenced the town. Today the mill is long-gone and the last train ran in 1930. But fond and interesting Dendron memories have been shared with family and friends for over a century. Recollections in the book include many from ancestors who worked at the mill or for the railroad. Other memories center on work and play at the schools, the Town Hall, and the churches. Some memories reflect good times at the old movie theater and the ice cream parlor before the huge fire in 1931. There are also insights into what life was like during the Depression and the war.

Many different names are mentioned in the memories: favorite teachers, memorable bus drivers, talented pianists, mischievous playmates, wonderful neighbors, and beloved family members. Birth and death years have been included, as appropriate, for over 300 of these special people.

Cookbook section divider pages include pen and ink drawings that recall some of Dendron’s history. Each artist has a unique connection to the town. Also sprinkled throughout the book are old ads from Dendron School yearbooks and from other sources dating back as far as 1913.

Published by the Dendron Historical Society, this cookbook is sure to please. It has delicious recipes and delectable memories.

Get your copy of "A Taste of Dendron . . . Cooking with Memories" for $25.00 per copy plus $5.00 shipping and handling per copy.
Make check payable to Dendron Historical Society.

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Pictures of Delivery Day!

Some pictures when the cookbook arrived on 12/6/07. The lady in purple is Shirley Cockes (member of Society) as she unpacks to take a look at the book. She is also excited that they have finally arrived! The lady in green is Jean Stewart (cookbook committee member) helping to unload and bring the cases into the Dendron Town Hall. There is also one of the delivery truck.

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