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Dendron Boxcar before moving to Dendron

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June 11, 1997


May 1998









Box Car Project - 2005

    Rain stopped in June. By the time the rain stopped the scaffold posts installed in 2003 had rotted and were replaced with metal scaffold.

Bill & Paul Richardson getting ready to remove the second layer of the old roof. The first layer had been removed in 1998.

Top plate that must be replaced (this is the “good” one).

Roof lifted above the side posts onto the roof support system.

Paul Richardson removing the top plate.

Top plate unbolted and lying on its side.

Paul finishes notches in new top plate.

New top plate bolted into place.

New top plate lowered back onto the side posts.

Top plate on the other side. This is the area where the tree was growing up through the side of the boxcar in the pictures from 1996.

Not much left.

New top plate ready to be installed.

New top plate installed. Some bolting left to do to straighten out the timber.

One of 16 tie bolts being installed to hold the roof to the floor sills.

Both top plates replaced and tie bolts installed. The boxcar is now structurally sound. The bolts really made it very stable.

Installing the new tongue and grove roofing.

First layer of roof nearly complete.

First layer of roof complete.

Bill Richardson with the boxcar. It is ready to move to the museum site. The boxcar has been raised four blocks high off the ground in preparation to be moved.

November 16, 2005 – Moving Day

Boxcar jacked up ready to be loaded on truck.

Lowboy being backed under the boxcar.

Lowboy being backed under the boxcar.

Boxcar loaded on lowboy.

Boxcar being tied down prior to moving.

Boxcar ready to move.

Boxcar leaving 73 James Street.

Boxcar on Route 31 (Main Street).

Boxcar being backed to its new home

Ben Muncy and Bill Richardson watch the boxcar being positioned over the track next to the museum.

Boxcar being raised to get it off the truck.

Truck pulling out from under the boxcar.

Boxcar ready to be lowered.

Boxcar being lowered into position by Bill Richardson, Ben Muncy and Marvin Stewart.

End of moving day

One side support has been replaced.

Side support before replacing.

Part of side support replaced.

Boxcar in its final position near the museum.






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