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Dendron Boxcar before moving to Dendron

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June 11, 1997


May 1998









Box Car Project - 2002

    Work continues on the Boxcar project.

Preparing to install draw bar timber. They have been cut to length and notched to fit between the body bolster.

Draw bar beams bolted into place on one end of the boxcar.

Ends of the support posts have been repaired so they will fit into the pocket casting.

Draw bar beams bolted to the other end of the boxcar.

Entire sill / floor platform had to be lowered to gain room to drill the bolt holes to connect the draw bar beams to the end sills. Truss rods were tightened to hold everything together.

Repair to the door post.

Repair to the door post.

Repairs to the door posts.

Getting ready to put the bottom and top back together.

Top and bottom back together.

Back together. Jack boards removed.

Getting ready to install the draw bar flat bar guides.

Draw bar guides in place.






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