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Dendron Boxcar before moving to Dendron

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June 11, 1997


May 1998









Box Car Project Index

    1996 - Pictures of the Boxcar in its original position May 1996.

    1997 - Pictures from September 1996 and April 1997. Boxcar shored up and ready to be moved.

    June 11, 1997 - Pictures from June 11, 1997. Moving Day. Boxcar loaded on a truck and on its way back to Dendron.

    1997-1998 - June 14, 1997 - January 1998. Parked in Dendron. Beginning removal of the siding from the Boxcar.

    May 1998 - Pictures of the Roof removal in May 1998.

    1999 - The next step is to separate the top part of the boxcar from the bottom sills and floor. This has to be done so the two exterior side sills and two end sills can be replaced.

    2000 - The work for this year is to replace the end sills and the side sills. Several pocket castings have to be replaced due to damage.

    2001 - The end sills and side sills have been replaced. The side sills have been coated with several coats of Thompson’s Waterseal. The sills are exposed to the elements and we are fearful that the pine sills will rot if not protected.

    2002 - Work continues on the Boxcar project. Pictures of progress from 2002.

    2003 - Wood scaffold posts were installed on both sides of the boxcar and across each end so that work could begin on the roof.

    2004 - Work continues from Isabel damage. Plus it seems like it rained nearly every week from October 2002 until June 2005.

    2005 - Rain stopped in June. By the time the rain stopped the scaffold posts installed in 2003 had rotted and were replaced with metal scaffold.

    2006 - Pictures of progress from 2006 will be added as available underway.



Working on the Boxcar
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